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Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment: the Length of the Recovery Process

Jan 15, 2023

A full mouth reconstruction becomes necessary if you incur severe damage to your oral structure, including your teeth, Jaws, and gums. Full mouth reconstruction differs for every patient and does not resemble the one size fits all category. You have several options to consider to achieve your desired goals.

When you consider full mouth reconstruction, you might have many questions, the most prominent among them being the length of the recovery process. While the Niagara Falls dentist might have a brief idea of the healing, you must understand every process is different depending on your unique needs. Therefore if you want to learn how long you might need to recover from the treatment, we provide some basic guidelines to help you in this article.

Short-Term Therapies and Processes

An entire mouth rehabilitation process might involve short-term therapies and approaches. These processes aim to rehabilitate your mouth. However, full mouth reconstruction does not exclude surgery processes like scaling, root planing, teeth whitening, dental crowns, and bonding, which are considered non-invasive treatments. The recovery time from these procedures is minimal, and the techniques aren’t involved. However, the treatment time extends if you need multiple treatments.

You might require two or three days to recover from dental bridge placement to restore missing teeth with dental crowns. In addition, you might experience gum tissue tenderness as you get accustomed to the new arrangements in your mouth. Fortunately, processes like dental bonding have no downtime possible for you to continue your regular activities soon after receiving the treatment. The recovery from scaling and root planing might require a couple of days. The recovery times for short-term therapies and processes are minimal. Taking pain relievers and gargling with warm salt water help manage the pain and swelling you might experience after these procedures.

Comprehensive Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth reconstruction also becomes necessary if your gums have deteriorated or you suffer from tooth loss. In such situations where your gums are infected and cause loss of teeth, the recovery time from the procedures you receive extends between a few weeks to a few months. Therefore, comprehensive mouth reconstruction will require multiple treatments spread over days, weeks, or months.

If you need dental extractions before getting dentures must recover from the extraction, and the healing process requires approximately three months. After your recovery, the dentist in Niagara Falls starts the denture placement process. You require some time to adapt to the dental prosthesis and might need weeks for your gums and jawbone to get accustomed to the placement. While you receive suggestions to take over-the-counter painkillers during the adaptation, you must remain patient with your recovery without trying any short-term measures that might complicate your recovery.

If you are looking for permanent tooth restoration treatment with dental implants, the procedure extends from three to six months or over a year, depending on your unique situation.

Dental implants require surgery to embed titanium posts deep into your jawbone, and the placement requires time to integrate with the bone. Before getting dental implants, if the dentist discovers you have an inadequate jawbone, they will suggest augmenting bone in your jaw with bone grafting or sinus lifts depending on the location of the tooth loss. Bone augmentation procedures require six months of healing before you can have dental implants placed and wait for the titanium post to become part of your body and function like your artificial tooth root. You can get your artificial tooth mounted on the implant only after complete recovery from the process because the stability of the implants increases with proper healing.

Recovery from Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment

Your general health, the specific procedure you need and how well you care for your mouth determines how quickly or late you might recover from complete mouth reconstruction treatment. Damaged teeth and gums might result from aging, diet, lifestyle choices, et cetera. If you have infected gums, the problem can result in jawbone deterioration. Tooth loss can also occur from accidents.

Getting appropriate and timely treatments to help restore your mouth without extending recovery time. However, do not expect overnight recovery from full mouth reconstruction because it might require anything between a few days, weeks, months or even a year, depending on your healing ability and the severity of the damage in your mouth.

If you think you can benefit from full mouth reconstruction and are concerned about your recovery, Monarch Dentistry — Niagara Falls can help guide you through the process, providing any treatments you need. In addition, consulting the practice will give you an inclination of how much time you need to recover from these procedures and receive them without wasting time from experienced dentists.

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