Girl with invisalign aligner at Niagara falls dental clinic

When we are told that our teeth are out of alignment and we need braces, this is some of the worst news you can get from the dentist, especially if you are an image-conscious teenager or young adult. While most of us loathe the idea of wearing traditional metal braces, that is not the only option available to straighten crooked teeth. Teeth straightening has taken many leaps forward in the past few years, and that’s why our dental office near you is proud to offer Invisalign® in Niagara Falls. Invisalign is a safe and effective alternative to traditional braces, and it has several benefits over the old wires and brackets system.

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How is Invisalign Better?

There are many reasons why patients hate traditional braces: the look, the feel, and the time it takes for them to work. So what makes Invisalign a better option? Well, for starters, Invisalign uses clear aligning trays rather than metal wires and brackets or, worse yet, headgear. These clear trays are custom fitted to the patient and gradually shift the patient’s teeth over time. Every two weeks, the patient receives a new set of trays that move the teeth a little more. Because these trays are invisible, no one will know you’re even wearing them unless you tell them.

Next, traditional braces are uncomfortable, partly because they constantly pull on your teeth, and you can never take them off. Invisalign solves this with the tray system. The trays are form fitted around the patient’s teeth. While there is some discomfort with the trays, it is minimal compared to traditional braces. The trays can also be taken out for up to two hours daily.

Lastly, most patients hate the sheer amount of time it takes for braces to work. Invisalign is much faster; in most cases, total correction takes about half as long as traditional braces while being a fraction of the cost.

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