Happy girl during Niagara Falls dnetist with sedation treatment

Going to the dentist is just another part of life for most of us. We go twice a year for exams and cleanings, and we go any time we have a toothache, need a filling, or have some other type of dental health problem. As routine as all of this sounds, it is anything but for some people. Some people struggle with an anxiety issue that tortures going to the dentist. The question then is, how do these people get the oral healthcare they need to take care of their teeth? These patients aren’t out of options, thanks to a treatment known as IV sedation. IV sedation allows even the most anxious or afraid person to gain the benefits of being able to go to the dentist when they need care.

IV sedation is not like anesthesia or other options that your dentist may use to put patients to sleep or keep them calm; IV sedation is used almost exclusively for patients that have severe panic or anxiety disorders that are severe enough that they cannot even go to the dentist for the most basic of procedures without feeling fear or crippling anxiety. Today we’ll discuss IV sedation, how it works, and who is best suited.

How Does IV Sedation Work?

IV sedation is, just as the name suggests, sedation that is administered through an IV. Dentists use a specific medication to keep the patient lucid but calm during their procedures. The medication sedates the patient to prevent panic or anxiety attacks while in the dentist’s chair.

For those who can’t handle being awake during a dental procedure, the dentist can use IV sedation to put the patient completely asleep and have them stay asleep through the entire procedure. When this is used, patients generally wake up just in time for them to leave the dentist’s office. IV sedation allows anyone unable to get the dental care they need without fear or nervousness.

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