Girl holding cute baby & healthy teeth because of Laughing gas treatment at Niagara Falls

Going to the dentist is a fairly simple endeavor. We go for routine exams and cleanings, the occasional extraction or filling, and that’s just about it. But if you have to go for a more serious procedure, it’s only natural to feel a bit nervous. Sometimes nerves and fear keep us from getting the treatments we need from the dentist. But thanks to IV sedation dentistry, there are ways to keep patients comfortable during their visit besides having a comfortable dental clinic. Different forms of sedation are used for all sorts of reasons besides the fact that a patient is scared or uneasy about a procedure. Sometimes the dentist uses sedation to make it easier for them to perform a procedure.

One of the most common types of sedation a dentist uses is laughing gas. Laughing gas is easy to administer and has a limited range of effects, making it the perfect tool for dentists to use when working on patients without worrying about pain.

What is the Purpose of Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas, otherwise known as nitrous oxide gas, is a sedative used by dentists to keep patients calm during dental procedures. The gas is typically administered by inhalation through a mask and causes the patient to feel euphoric, making them prone to laughter.

Laughing gas is used more than other sedatives because it keeps patients calm without putting them completely to sleep. This makes it so that the dentist can converse with the patient while performing a procedure. This is also an excellent choice to use over anesthesia as there are sometimes risks. Laughing gas is particularly effective for treating younger children, as putting them to sleep with anesthesia is generally not advised. This way, the child or teen is kept happy and calm, and the dentist can do whatever they need to do without interruption.

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