Happy girl after wisdom tooth extraction at Niagara falls dental clinic

We’ve all seen the videos of people coming out of the dentist after having their wisdom teeth taken out, but as funny as it may seem to watch on video, many people still dread having to have their wisdom teeth removed. When it comes to your dental health, though, wisdom tooth extractions are an important part of keeping your mouth and the rest of your teeth healthy. Some studies show that as many as 60% of patients need to have their wisdom teeth removed for medical reasons, such as to avoid shifting their teeth. If the dentist recommends wisdom teeth extractions in Niagara Falls, you should take them seriously.

Though it may look painful because it is considered oral surgery, wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure that dentists always perform. With the use of anesthesia and modern dental techniques, you won’t have to worry about feeling anything during the procedure. The pain afterward can be managed thanks to medication.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions Necessary?

Before you start looking up wisdom teeth extractions near you, you’re probably wondering why so many patients have to have their teeth taken out.

Many people need to have their wisdom teeth taken out because there is not enough room for them in most people’s mouths. You see, our ancient ancestors used wisdom teeth to grind up food. This is back when our mouths were much larger. Now that our mouths have shrunk and we no longer need wisdom teeth, most people need to have them extracted to avoid problems.

Your wisdom teeth can easily cause crowding in your mouth, leading to bite-related issues or even causing your teeth to shift out of place. If this happens too much or too quickly, it can lead to teeth falling out. To avoid this, dentists recommend removing the wisdom teeth early on.

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